Top 5 posh areas to buy property in Patna

buy property in Patna

If we talk about living in Patna, then it is undoubtedly a perfect decision in terms of both comfort and convenience. Patna is a good destination to buy property in Patna and worth-considering to start living.

This article is all about to mention the top 5 posh areas to buy property in Patna. But before jumping onto this, first, let’s discuss some brief details regarding the city Do you know, Patna is one of the oldest cities in India, and this reason has brought many people to visit the city to know more about the places and areas.

People with the preference of discovering art and culture, Patna is on the top of their list. Patna consists of the most attractive historical monuments that convey the heritage of the city. And make it fully worth considering the location in the bucket list of people when it comes to tourism. The vast improvement of Patna in providing its residents a good standard of living in the worth-considering point.

People always expect the city where they are living must have proper facilities to fulfil daily requisites. Such as a good education system with proper infrastructure, hospital facilities, as well as amazing real estate services.

Patna is no way less than any other city in terms of all the facilities which people require for living.

There are many real estate agents who are constructing the new projects to deliver amazing output to the new settlers of the city in the form of luxurious homes. There is no shortage of amazing flats, floors, bungalows, plots, and any type of property in Patna for sale, so there is no chance of struggling in finding your perfect location to initiate the amazing journey of your living in Patna.

After researching the same, we have compiled a list of the top 5 destinations for buying property. After knowing the locations you will surely make up your mind in investing in Patna real estate. You can see some of the best properties in Patna on boring road, Danapur, Bihta, Baily road, and New patliputra colony

Property in Patna for sale in Danapur

If you are looking for peaceful surroundings to live in, then it is better to choose the developed and peaceful area of Danapur. The best reason to choose the area is the quality of living you will get under the affordable charges. The residential properties are here offered at very few charges as compared to their worth. Charges vary according to the size and location of the property. The average cost per flat goes around between 22 lakhs to 5 CR.

Buy Property in Patna on Bailey Road

What exactly a posh area seems, like can be experienced after visiting Bailey road, it connects Patna with Danapur. Over the road, you can see the lavish homes all around. If we talk about the major reason to choose the area for a living, some of the most amazing tourist attractions and landmarks of Patna lie here on the road, some of them are – Bihar Museum, Patna Zoo, Paras hospital, Patna Junction Railway Station, Patna Airport, Patna Secretariat, and Patna Women’s College. Apart from this, there are lots of shopping opportunities near the area, like showrooms for clothes, automobiles, etc. Buying property in Patna in Bailey Road will cost you around Rs 3000 to 4000 per square foot.


In short, we can explain the Bihta, which is the location where you can expect to receive a big return on your investment in Patna real estate. Big return in the form of a good locality, safer place to live, good markets nearby, and the availability of all other essential landmarks like hospitals, schools, restaurants, and grocery stores. The major fact about this location is that it’s a “developing” area. Especially when we see the economic growth rate of the place in the past 10-12 years. The area is rapidly growing and has amazed the topmost builders of Patna, due to this today several residential projects are ongoing.

New Patliputra Colony

The reason behind the growing popularity of the area among people is the beautiful surroundings and amazingly built houses. Living in fully furnished and lavish homes is the dream of every individual, and if we say that your dream will no longer remain imagination, it can become true, by just investing a bit in the property at the right location. You can find here lots of schools, clinics, and shopping centres. The most popular mall located near the new patliputra Colony is the P&M mall. The average cost for buying a house there is INR 3,500 to 4000 per square foot.

Buy Property in Patna on Boring Road

You will find some of the best properties in boring road, Patna. Unlike its name, the area is quite interesting and one of the most considerable to live in. The actual name is “Jai Prakash Narayan Path”, but people call it the boring road. The maximum of your neighbourhood will be the retired IAS officers in the area. Again, you will be having great opportunities for shopping. The area is easily accessible to restaurants, showrooms, and many other fun places. The airport and railway station are also accessible by Boring Road. You have to invest approximately INR 5000 to 5500 per square foot to live in the area. The charges are slightly higher than in other areas, but it’s fully worth it to invest there for bigger returns in the future in the form of a happy and comfortable living environment.

I hope, this article seems relevant to the readers who are very much curious to know the best localities of Patna. To start their living or the builders who are looking to invest in the property which can prove profitable for them in the future. Due to the rise of development in Patna, these are some of the best areas, which people love to choose for their better living, so there is no chance of failure when choosing Patna to buy a new property. The areas mentioned above are best suited for those who are looking to spend a luxurious life in the posh areas and for those too who think of their budget first. In short, we can say that, considering any one of these locations will ensure you a high living standard at your budgeted cost.

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