Top 10 Best Performing Real Estate Localities in Patna

Top 10 Best Performing Real Estate Localities in Patna

With the coronavirus becoming a global pandemic and affecting everyone in India and around the world. The Real Estate industry has become extremely popular this year. Patna is the capital city of Bihar. Patna is the heart of Bihar and also has the perfect combination of Indian culture and modern lifestyle. The city is also one of the fastest-growing cities in eastern India right now. Recently, the development and growth of the city have increased now more than ever. Therefore, real estate in Patna become one of the best choice of investment. If you are planning on investing in real estate in Patna, here is a list of the Top 10 Best Performing Real Estate Localities in Patna. 

Top 10 Best Performing Real Estate Localities in Patna

Patna has become popular among real estate buyers now more than ever. Patna is now the second-best city in India when it comes to real estate investment. With the affordable prices right now, there is a chance of these flats and residential projects in Patna to have an increase in price in the next few years. This price increase will profit real estate buyers in the future. Another benefit of investing in real estate in Patna is the plans for the metro. This will result in a hike in the price of properties. The top 10 best performing real estate localities in Patna are:

1. Gola Road

In a city like Patna that has multiple localities with varying price ranges. Gola Road is one of the best performing localities in Patna. Therefore it is on the list. Gola Road has become very popular among real estate buyers. 

The locality is also surrounded by public transports, schools, malls, and more. Gola Road is also perfect for buyers that are looking for a place that is accessible to public transports, ATMs, and good schools in the area. The price range in properties in Gola Road is affordable for families. 

2. Khagaul

Khagaul is a historical place in Patna. It was formerly known as Kusumpur. The locality also has grown over the years equipped with facilities. Adampur and Asopur are some of the neighboring areas. The main roads that connect Khagaul to other parts of the city are Khagaul Anisabad Road and Khagaul Shiwala Bihta. 

These roads also allow inter-state to commuting an easy process. Properties in this area are popular due to its location being accessible to Patna International Airport and educational institutes such as DAV Public School, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, and more. Properties in Khagaul are perfect for buyers that are looking for real estate nearby educational institutes, public transports, and more. 

3. Anandpuri

Anandpuri is an upcoming region in Patna. The locality has enough connectivity to around the city through roadways such as Ramakrishna Road, Anandpuri Path, Jaiprakash Path, and so much more that help accessibility to neighboring. 

Anandpuri has a good amount of state-owned local buses that are running in the area. Properties in Anandpuri are also perfect for buyers that are looking for real estate in an area where there are reputed schools for students along with healthcare facilities. Price range of properties are affordable.

4. Digha

Digha is a well known residential neighborhood in Patna. It is served by Digha PS under Patna Police. The locality is popular for its Ghats, Rnet Software College, and WITI college. Properties in Digha are popular for its affordable price and its location near the Ganga River. 

Digha has also developed into a crowded residential colony in Patna. The locality has high raised apartments and residential houses. Along with the houses, another reason to invest in real estate in Digha is for its access to Bailey Road and also the connectivity to various stations. 

5. Patliputra Colony

Patliputra Colony is a housing cooperative society in Patna. The society was created in the year 1954. However, the housing cooperative society was initially a housing society for Government Officials only, with residential and business settlements. 

It has recently gained popularity among real estate buyers. The colony has beautifully designed residences that are perfect for all types of property owners. Patliputra Colony is located near P&M mall.

Best localities in Patna

6. Nehru Nagar

Nehru Nagar is a prime location for best performing real estate localities in Patna. The locality is also suitable for most types of real estate buyers looking for affordable prices. Nehru Nagar is an area with various well-known churches and apartments that are of high quality. The price range is profitable for all types of real estate investors. 

7. Bypass Road

Bypass Road is an area with various options for real estate buyers. From residential lands to apartments, therefore catering to all types of real estate buyers. Bypass Road is also suitable for buyers that are looking to invest in real estate. 

Also, there are multiple upcoming and ready to move projects that are open for investors. The price range for properties in Bypass Road can range from affordable to a bit pricey.

8. Bailey Road

Bailey Road connects with Danapur, a locality in Patna. The locality is luxurious and safe, therefore suitable for women and families that are looking for a safe locality but also provide luxury. 

Important landmarks in Bailey Road are Patna Women’s College, Patna Zoo, Delhi Public School, Patna Junction Railway Station, and many more. These landmarks allow residents to be accessible to educational institutes and public transportation, therefore being a good choice for real estate buyers. 

9. Kankarbagh

Kankarbagh is also known as Kankarbagh Colony. It is a residential area and neighborhood in Patna. It also comprises of big and small colonies and spread over 900 acres. Kankarbagh is a blend of urban residential colonies. 

The area consists of various restaurants, roadside stalls, and cafes. Outlets and supermarkets like KFC and Domino’s Pizza as well as Vishal Mega Mart, 9 to 9 Super Market, and more. This can also be beneficial to buyers that are looking for property in Kankarbagh. 

Also being able to access these outlets and supermarkets can benefit families that are looking for properties that are near outlets that are safe and family-friendly.

10. AIIMS Patna Road

AIIMS Patna Road is located near AIIMS College in Patna. Properties in this area are also mainly targeted to students and therefore is safe with the affordable property. There are also various upcoming residential projects at affordable prices. However, various buyers look to buy properties in this area for its location and popularity. 

Conclusion On Best Performing Real Estate Localities in Patna

With the economic growth, improving the standard of living, and educational institutes in Patna, all of these best performing real estate localities in Patna are a good choice for all kinds of real buyers. Patna is able to attract all types of buyers from all over India. Therefore, all of the above localities cater to different kinds of real estate buyers.

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