Tips for setting ICU at home for COVID-19 patients.

Tips for setting ICU at home

As we all know, the second wave of COVID-19 has made living difficult to live. The condition is uncontrollable and people are helpless in saving the life of their loved ones. Get all the tips for setting ICU at home for COVID-19 patients. So that in an emergency you can help someone.

There many critical conditions in hospitals. Consequently, we might be aware that hospitals running out of beds. Moreover, intensive care units (ICU) are full. There is a lack of oxygen supply.

Due to this, the next best solution that professionals can think of is setting up a home ICU setup for COVID-19.

As a result, giving the patient some package services to treat patients. Especially those encountering moderate and serious symptoms.

However, these packages include a trained nurse and expert doctors. When in critical condition in some cases the doctors come to check the patient when called.

Also, keeping track of the recovery and constantly checking up the vitals of the patient. Therefore, it is important to know the tips for setting ICU at home for COVID-19 patients. So that in an emergency you can help someone.

Who needs ICU care at home?

So let’s see who is eligible to set up the ICU at home. It is for patients who have an intensely painful and life-threatening disease. This is in general as we must be knowing.

But as covid 19 is concerned, treatment for symptoms and comorbidities is provided. Similarly, measuring the severity of a patient’s health urgently needs to be supervised.

The covid viruses inflame the lungs. And leading it diseases like pneumonia, diarrhea, bronchitis with other breathing issues.

So in case, the hospitals are helpless to give ICU to the patient. So setting it up at home is the only option. But giving the treatment home is no easy task at all.

The expert and experienced team are crucial to handle such situations. And so it important that all the equipment is there to aid the patient as soon as possible.

Coming to the suffering from moderate symptoms. As the experts advise such patients to take screening packages.

As in screening packages, you can be admitted to home isolation wards. That gives decent arrangements.

From A to Z that will be required for the patients. For example, oxygen machine, pulse oximeter, and other essential types of equipment.

What is involved in the home ICU setup packages?

It is important to know the package you will be subscribing to. What all services will be there and also the charges.

Therefore, the patient has to be supervised by doctors. Then only the requirements for set up will be decided. The doctor will guide the best suited for the patient.

In general Covid -19 patients will need the following equipment.

Most of the ICU packages give specialized beds that are necessary to prevent bedsores. Moreover, if not then it can lead to terrible infection restricting the recovery.

Therefore, without medical equipment, the ICU wouldn’t be completed. For an ICU setup, it is mandatory to need some advanced medical equipment.

Though it may vary to each patient. Some essential equipment is an oxygen cylinder or concentrator. Also, ventilator and para monitor. Similarly, suction machine, IV Stand, nebulizer, DVT pump, and BiPAP.

Therefore, this is not enough you might also need professional assistance. Someone handling the patient with good care.

And yes you guessed it right. The nurse and caregivers. They play important role in the recovery process. As they keep monitoring the patients. Like giving the right dosages, injections, and also the hygiene of patients.

 There must be a good power supply to the room. Keeping some backup machines for immediate access. If there is some shortage in supply of electricity.

ICU setup cost in India for Covid-19 patients

Many pieces of equipment are essential. To have a set up an ICU specifically for covid 19. Because of the given restriction the disease. For example, maintaining distance, sanitizing, and frequently washing hands.

Therefore, it will cost an individual as same the patient admitted to the private hospital.

But the rates may vary it depending on what the patient requires. For instance location, equipment, and service provided by the agencies. Therefore, here is a quick estimation of the same.

Therefore, the cost of medical equipment will range from Rs 10,000 – Rs 25,000 per day for almost assuming a week’s duration.

Also, a trained nurse can supervise the patient’s health from the time of admission to the recovery of the patient. So the per day charges will be more than Rs 6,000 per day.

Also, the telephonic consultant of an experienced doctor will charge more than 1500 per call.

Likewise, if you hire a caregiver then you will have to pay around Rs 3,500 per day.

These packages rely on the agencies and you have to follow their terms and conditions. Particularly with the payments that need to be paid in advance or according to the days and extensions.

Conclusion on Tips for setting ICU at home

So hope that you got all the tips for setting ICU at home for COVID-19 patients. We request you to follow all the official guidelines given by the government.

As precautions are always better than cure. Let’s be more responsible and sensitive towards our Covid warriors. Who is struggling day and night to save the lives of people?

Most importantly, if possible try to help people around. That doesn’t mean to go out without a reason. Now social media is powerful and just one share will give your message to one in need.

So yeah, do share this post too. It might be helpful for someone in need. However, if any doubts comment down below.

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