What Is E-Stamping And How To do it online?

What is e-stamping & how to do it online?

The e-stepping framework empowers the capability in AN ensured electronic structure and makes a focal for an easy check. With the e-stepping framework, the government and general society will manufacture online Administration information Framework (MIS) reports. like-Home » Government » E-Stamp Paper in the state. So today we are going to read What is e-stamping & how to do it online?

The State Governments familiar with the e-stepping framework with handle and forestall false practices in stamp paper-based enlistments and exchanges. With the e-stepping framework, the government and general society will manufacture online Administration information Framework (MIS) reports.

the reason the government for dispatching the e-stepping framework in states was to figure on the interaction.

What is e stamping and the way to try and do it online?

E-Stamping is a computer-based application and a secured way of paying non-judicial taxation to the govt.

e-Stamping is currently operational within the states of Odisha, Haryana, Gujarat, Karnataka, NCR Delhi, Bihar, Assam, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, province, Uttarakhand.

likely in the union territories of Dadra & Nagar Haveli, Daman & Diu Puducherry, Jharkhand, and state, West Bengal, Chhattisgarh. The wide network and target technology. SHCIL is that the only Central Record Keeping Agency (CRA) appointed by the govt of India.

How to get e stamp paper online?

Getting an e-stamp paper physically isn’t a very easy task as several problems arise like duplicasy, unusual payment of tax, and lots of others.

Now anyone can get E-Stamp Paper Online easily through our platform edrafter.in visiting the official websites. Select the state from the dropdown list. You may fill an application you’ll have to submit this kind together payment for the stamp certificate.

E stamping home


(i) Enter First Party Detail and Address

Fill in the details of the primary party which is that the person on whose behalf revenue enhancement goes to pay.

Anmol wants to form an e-stamp paper on his name he is considered as a first-party.

And can write his name and property address within the form.
Stamp Paper First

(ii) Enter Second party Details and the one that is purchasing e-Stamp Paper

Fill in the details of the purchaser who is purchasing the E-Stamp Paper-like Anmol Singh is purchasing he will write his name in purchased by.

fill within the second party details, write details of this person in whose name the E-Stamp Paper is in favor.
Stamp Paper First
(iii) Now Choose the category of tax & amount of e-Stamp Paper
Choose the sort of stamp tax under the outline of the Document,

if you would like to form an indemnity bond and choose the quantity of e-Stamp Paper you wish.

E- stamp verification

What is e-stamping & how to do it online?

On the homepage, you’ll find an option called ‘Verify stamp. Click on that to continue. Simply enter the state, certificate number, sort of revenue enhancement, date of issuance, and session ID and click on ‘Verify’.
The Confirmation of e-Stamp Paper is conceivable, about supplanting the winning arrangement of Stamp Paper to e-Stamp Paper. One can check the Legitimacy of e-Stamp Paper.

How to check functions of e-stamp verification?

i.Open Site shcilestamp.com
ii. second Snap-on “Check e-Stamp Declaration”
iii. Fill the required Subtleties.
Subtleties Include:
1. State
2. Certificate Number (UIN)
3. Stamp Obligation Type (Description of Archive)
4. Certificate Issue Date
5. 6-person alphanumeric string
you’ll be able to Check Declaration by means of filtering the Scanner tag.
The Indian Government launched the e-stamping facility to reduce fraud in the payment of taxation.
The (CRA), and the Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited hold the authority to grant e-stamp certificates in India. (ACCs) even appointed middlemen who are liable for issuing e-stamp paper CRA.


How do you use e-stamp?

The stock company of India is that the central agency liable for the establishment and maintenance of e-stamping documents. states like Karnataka, Delhi & the metropolis territory, Gujrat, Maharashtra, Assam, and province have access to the e-stamping facility.SCHIL has linked up with different banks that function approved collection centers for it. In cash, cheque, bank draught, or by national electronic fund transfer, you`ll be able to pay the tax. given that the payment is created by cheque or NEFT will the stamp certification be obtained after the cash is collected by the SHCIL. A sample copy of the e-stamp is distributed to the applicant after the payment has been made by the bank. As the cancellation attracts about 10 percent of the revenue enhancement charges, it is important to carefully check all the small print. the ultimate e-stamp is released after the applicant has signed the preview copy.

How do I pay the e-stamp obligation?

you can pay the stamp obligation by cheque, cash, request a draft, pay request, RTGS, NEFT, or perhaps a record to account move. at an ACC,` you”ll be able to pay in real money or use a cheque or DD.

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