Best Direction Of Main Door As Per Vastu

Best Direction Of Main Door As Per Vastu

As per our Vastu Shastra, the main door of the house is not just the entry point but also for all kinds of energies such as positive as well as negative.”The main gate of the house serves as a  transition zone. And we enter through this zone in the house from the outside world.” Sou, what should be the best direction of the main door as per Vastu? Well, this article is all about the directions of different doors such as entrance door, main door, office door, bedroom door, etc.

The main door of your house is a location from which happiness and good fortune enter in the home,” according to the Vastu advisor.  As a result, the main entrance or door has been given top priority because it allows or prevents the cosmic energy flow which thus promotes health, income, and peaceful coexistence.” In addition, the main door sets up the first impression of a house.

Vastu for entrance door

Let us read what the Vastu says for the direction of your main entrance and if it is placed in the wrong direction then how its effect can be overcome. All the information below is given by experienced Vastu experts.

“The main door must always point north, or north-east, or east, or west, as these are considered very auspicious when it comes to the directions of the main door.” Avoid placing the main entrance in the direction of south, or south-west, or south-east, or north-west. 

If your house’s main door is faced in the south or south-west then using a  lead helix and metal pyramid can be used to correct the direction problem.

A door in the north-west direction can be corrected by using a pyramid and helix made of brass metal, whereas the effect of a south-east faced door can be rectified with a copper helix.

The main door of the house should be larger than the other doors and open in a clockwise direction. Avoid having  3 doors in a row, parallel to the main gate, as this is a serious Vastu flaw that can affect the joy and happiness of your house.

The visibility of the entrance door

According to Vastu, the main door and its visibility are most important for your house.

The main door of the house must be prominent, noticeable, and easily recognizable, according to Vastu Shastra as well as Feng Shui principles. 

Make your main door stand out by adding your home number, address, or even fix the nameplate over there, these are the good ways to do so. It’s also beneficial to have a simplistic nameplate of the owner’s name on the main door rather than go for ornamental engravings.

Keep in mind that the main door should be at least three feet wide and seven feet tall. Bigger doors allow more energy to enter the home. As a result, stay away from short doors. In addition, the height of all the other doors inside the house should be reduced. 

Owners should not use the back door in the form of the main entrance.  The back door can be used by your housekeeper or other workers.

Direction of toilet door as per vastu 

When it comes to direction and position, there are also some amazing Vastu tips as well as guidelines for your bathroom area and toilet as well. Because they are rarely treated with the same care as one’s bedroom or living room, toilets and bathrooms can become a cause of negative energy in your house. 

In the bathroom and toilet, the proper Vastu direction for water and drainage is north, or east, or north-east. It should be positioned in the direction of west or north-west to aid in the removal of waste and toxins from the body.

According to Vastu, the best direction for building a bathroom is in the north-west portion of the house because it promotes waste elimination.

Some amazing tips for toilet and bathroom as per vastu.

  • The first step should be to install a high-quality wooden bathroom door. A metal door encourages negativity and may be harmful to your health.
  • Close the bathroom door at all times to prevent negative energy from entering your home and causing problems in your career as well as personal relationships.
  • Decorative religious idols should not be placed on the bathroom door.
  • According to Vastu, the toilet must not be synced with a wall with your bedroom, puja room, or kitchen, as this may cause negative energy in the home. You might have nightmares if your bed is on the same wall as the toilet.
  • According to Vastu, the washbasin and shower should be located in the bathroom’s east, or north, or north-east corners.
  • To allow fresh air as well as the sunlight into the bathroom, the bathroom window should always face east direction or north-east direction. The importance of ventilation in the bathroom is that it eliminates bacteria.
  • Brown color, or beige color, or cream color, and other earthy shades are indeed the best tones for your toilet interior, as per the Vastu. Black and dark blue should be avoided.

Direction of bedroom door as per vastu

When it comes to the bedroom’s entrance, the door should be on the north or west, or east side of the bedroom walls. The bedroom door must never be placed against the south wall. In the bedroom, single doors are perfect.

As according to Vastu Shastra, your bedroom door should never be open in the direction of the south. If you want to build an attached bathroom or an attached toilet in your bedroom, the north and west directions are recommended. Also, your roof beam should be avoided to place above your bed.

Furthermore, Vastu rules say that if you want to have a vault in your own bedroom, this always should be positioned on the western wall or southern wall, with the door facing northeast. This is believed that if the vault door opens to the south or west, there will be a big loss of money.

Flat main door direction  as per vastu

The entrance or main door of a flat should face northeast direction, or east, or north direction, according to Vastu. There should not be any elevators or lifts in the immediate vicinity of the entrance of a flat. 

A window directly in front of the flat’s main door is also recommended. It’s also a good idea not to take off your shoes at the flat’s main entrance. The height of the main door of the flat must be greater than that of the other rooms in that flat. 

The doorway should be well-lit, and no garbage or dustbins should be kept there at the entrance. The importance of Vastu for flats cannot be overstated. 

Since there are various cosmic energy as well as vibes that flow in and out of that door, it is regarded as a pivotal and the most impactful part of your flat or home.

Office main door direction  as per vastu

 Keep the principles of your office design, layout, area arrangement, as well as spatial geometry in mind when making your office as per Vastu Shastra.  Vastu in itself is a beautiful structural science that is concerned with architecture and construction. Water,  Earth, Air, Fire, and Space are the five elements of the environment that it works to balance.

Here are some suggestions for ensuring your company’s success.

  • If you’re searching for a piece of land for your own office or factory, or other business purpose, Shermukhi plots are the way to go. These plots are wider in the front area and narrow at the end area. Always try to buy land that is close to well-traveled roads.
  • The north faced direction or north-east faced, or the north-west faced the direction of an office building brings good fortune as well as positive energy.
  • As per Vastu Shastra, the office building’s main door or entrance should face always east direction or north direction. Place nothing in front of or close to the office’s main entrance as it will cause an obstruction.

Front door direction as per vastu

The front door is also considered the main door of your house, flat, or apartment. So it should be faced in the same direction as we read above for the main entrance of the house or flat. I.e.

The main door must always point north, or north-east, or east, or west, as these are considered very auspicious when it comes to the directions of the main door. Avoid placing the main entrance in the direction of south, or south-west, or south-east, or north-west. 

This article has covered almost all types of doors direction as per Vastu shastra. Such as the house’s main door, flat’s main door, bedroom’s door, office’s door, and front door. 

Therefore we can assume that this article might be served as a complete package about the door’s direction as per Vastu shastra. All these tips and information are given by well-known and experienced Vastu experts. So, you can apply these tips to gain prosperity and abundance.  

Courtyard as per Vastu

The courtyard is the most important part of the house according to Vastu. The courtyard should be bigger than any other room in the house. It should be well planned, designed with care and attention. The courtyard should be open from all sides and not have any obstructions from neighboring buildings. It should have a lot of greenery. The more it has, the better for you and all those who live in the house. The courtyard is the cosmic center of your home. A well-designed courtyard will help you attract good vibrations into your home and life as a whole. If your courtyard is smaller than all other rooms, it could lead to financial problems or health problems for you and other family members.

There are three basic types of courtyards-Brahmasthana (square or rectangular), Aryashtaka (octagonal,) and Ashtadala Padma eight-petal lotus). The last type is the most auspicious but it is also difficult to construct. A rectangular or square-shaped courtyard is best as per Vastu principles; but if you are constructing a new house, then an octagonal-shaped courtyard fits in better with modern architecture.

Meditation room as per Vastu

If your home has a room that is used for meditation, there are some important Vastu principles to consider. This is because the location of this room in your home will affect the quality of your meditation and its ability to bring positive energy into your life. The best place to meditate is in a quiet, peaceful spot with no disturbances. This makes it easy to find a place in your home that fits this criterion. However, you should avoid placing your meditation room over the garage or any other space that is used for storage or where machinery is kept. Vastu Shastra states that you should also avoid placing it over a kitchen or bathroom. If possible, the meditation room should be placed in the southeast sector of the house. This is called Agni-corner as it represents fire and soul. It helps invite positive energy into the home and promotes good health, wisdom, prosperity, and happiness for those who live there. The southeast area of a home is associated with Lord Ganesha, who removes all obstacles from one’s path and provides success and happiness. He ushers in spiritual growth and good health for his devotees.

Best door designs as per Vastu

As per Vastu, the door design is best when it is engraved with gods and goddesses and beautiful colors. This attracts positive energy into the house. The entrance should be big enough so that in the future you can easily enlarge it if required. Do not place any mirror on the door or in front of the door, as it will reflect the energy outside your home. Also try to put some plants in front of your entrance as it will provide you with good health, wealth and prosperity.


Which direction of the house is best for Vastu?

The best directions for houses are considered to be east facing, north-facing, and northeast facing. Because as per the Vastu Shastra, all these directions are considered as the most auspicious directions.

Is the south entrance good for a house?

There may be certain issues for a south facing houses such as disputes and arguments. But this can be fixed by applying some Vastu and feng shui tips. So, overall it is good when implementing some Vastu suggestions and tips.

Does Vastu really matter?

Yes, if you are a believer then definitely it really matters. It is highly recommended to all the readers to check your resident layout and structure as per the Vastu. Vastu can affect your personal as well as professional life. So, always keep in mind to apply Vastu tips while building a house.

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